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Issues: Crime and Safety

Keeping Our Communities Safe

No matter what your political affiliation might be, the desire to live in a safe community is something we can all agree on. Crime sucks the vitality out of neighborhoods. Families that can afford to move have demonstrated that they will relocate to other cities within or outside Dallas County.

Our current leaders have not invested in our safety. They have not provided our sheriff’s department with adequate pay.

Plus, our criminal judges and jail personnel do not use modern software to manage their personnel, handle their caseloads, and access the court data they need to make sound decisions. All this leads to people being jailed longer than necessary, people who should be jailed allowed to remain out on the streets, and our money being wasted.

Stable communities exist when people with good, steady jobs feel safe with their neighbors with how their community is policed, and are confident that crime is punished in their neighborhood. In unstable communities, residents have no relationship with their neighbors, police response is embarrassing, and crime is decided by street justice. We have not yet reached that state of affairs but we need to realize where it all leads.

Protecting the citizens of Dallas County is my number one objective. It may not be the Commissioners Court's number one objective but it is mine. A major reason why people move out of neighborhoods is due to rising crime.

Theft is a crime. The negative effects of it going unpunished are greater than the benefit of fewer people in jail and fewer tax payers dollars spent on jails and upkeep. It has a tremendous impact on its victims, it destroys trust in law enforcement, it discourages business development, drives down property values, and frightens people away. The mindset to think that it’s better to save tax money rather than protect and save good hard working, law abiding citizens is barbaric.

I choose to protect the good hard working, law abiding citizens every time.

Paid for by Patrick Harden For Dallas County Commissioner - District 1

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