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Issues: Financial Accountability

Mechanisms to Prevent Irresponsible Money Management

The Commissioners Court has become a corruption corner at the intersection of Houston and Elm Street. We need to elect leaders who will make decisions that are best for the community and manage our tax dollars appropriately. Over 67 million dollars of taxpayers’ money has been wasted or mishandled.

Let that sink in a moment; Over 67 million dollars has been lost. Some of the money has gone directly to fraudulent activity, some of the money was lost to special business arrangements and some of the losses were due to mismanagement and incompetence.

One mishap is one too many but three, all reported by local news outlets within the same year, is inexcusable. Those leaders currently in office need to be held accountable.

We need documented procedures that specify the consequences for vendor missed deadlines, specify a minimum number of years in business, and include progress checkpoints to measure viability.

Plus, we need to adhere to and define what constitutes a conflict of interest to uphold the integrity process of allocating funds.

The mishandling of 67 million dollars constitute actions that affect public trust of politicians as leaders and cause people to lose hope. We need to move in a new direction and regain the confidence of our residents in our leaders on the Commissioners Court.

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