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Issues: Transportation

Common Sense Transportation Solutions

Whether you live in the farthest suburb of Dallas County and you are driving to the heart of downtown to get to work, have dinner, or are going to your kid’s ballgame, how we move around our city shapes our social interactions, our jobs, and even our family dynamics. The mode of transportation we use should be based on personal choices. Those choices should not be decided by government.

The most immediate impact of population growth is felt during commute time to work. I plan to make sure that as a government leader we do what’s best to enable those who travel in Dallas County to spend more time with their loved ones or indulge in leisure activities rather than sitting in traffic.

The average one-way commute time in Dallas is approximately 28.6 minutes based on the US Census Bureau website. That makes a normal round trip to work can be an hour or more. My goal as Commissioner will be to provide the shortest possible commute time possible, which will enable you to pick-up your kids from day care earlier, make it to Bible study or choir rehearsal on time, make the beginning of your daughter’s soccer game, or son’s football game.

The solutions set forth are based on a balanced approach to make transit better:

- Widen key roads

- Improve key intersections

- Conduct repairs during non-commuting hours

- Expand existing commuter train routes

- Better coordinate signal lights during commuter times

- Create incentives for people to use public transportation by adding WI/FI on buses and trains

- Partner with a Transit App service or a DART app service to suggest to residents traffic updates and   alternative routes, similar to suggested radio stations for traffic updates (Houston has Transtar app)

- Help prevent accidents with continuing promotion of “Don’t Text & Drive“ campaigns

- Encourage businesses to implement telecommuting and work from home initiatives

No Toll Roads: I will not suggest nor support adding additional toll roads as a way to reduce commute time or any other transportation solution.

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